When pressing the download button you will be asked to fill a quick market research survey.

First step, press Download button

When pressing the download button a popup window will appear and you will be asked to complete a quick survey. In case that after pressing the download button, a dialog box won’t appear, you have to option to download a mirror, you will find always a mirror link below.

Second, select a market research survey from the list

After you click on download button, a pop-up windows will appear. Here you will find a list (about 4) surveys, and you can select any of them to complete. Even you entered a survey and you don’t like it, you can step back and select another one.

Third step, complete the survey

Depending on what you selected, you will be asked to give some basic personal details, name and email and after that you will answer a couple of questions ( favorite music, drinks, activities, food, TV shows).

Finally, your download will start automatically

After that, your download will start automatically, it will take about 10-20 seconds to download and after that you should follow the steps described in the hacking tool pages, as there are specific instructions for each hacking tool.

If you have any problems with these tools please contacts using using the contact form.